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A survey among medical students on the level of knowledge of disaster situations at Medical University-Varna

Maria Panteleeva, Hristianna Romanova


A survey was held among second year medical students at Medical University-Varna. 118 Bulgarian students were interviewed as well as 108 students in the English-language program, on their knowledge of handling disaster situations, what preliminary information did they have on the topic and where from, as well as their wishes to further expand their knowledge. A direct individual survey was used, consisting of 26 questions: 20 - closed and 6 - open questions.

The conclusions show that according to the bigger part of the participants in both groups of the survey they had only partial and not sufficient knowledge to deal with disaster situations before the Disaster Medicine training course at MU-Varna. After summarizing the answers we can conclude that most of the interviewed students believe that they have received sufficient training to deal with a real situation. Both groups of respondents consider that in a real situation they will best cope with providing first aid in traumatism, indicating also that this section of the material is the most interesting for them and they want additional hours of training on the topic.

Respondents in their majority are correctly informed about possible natural disasters in Varna region, and the difference in their answers to specific questions related to acute mass intoxication is due to the fact that the students in the Bulgarian language program were interviewed immediately after final exam in Disaster Medicine while students in the English language program - were interviewed two months later.


disaster situations, disaster medicine, education, evacuation training

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