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Anisakis simplex and its influence on the human health

Yordan Slavov, Alexander Boyadhziev, Dimitar Stavrev


Fish that are usually carriers of A. simplex are: salmon, herring, anchovies and mackerel. Having gotten in the gastrointestinal tract the parasite is in its third phase of development (L3), but eventually it reaches the fourth phase of its development (L4).

The progression of the life cycle of A. simplex after this phase in humans is impossible. A few hours to a week after eating the fish contaminated with A. simplex, a person develops symptoms of anisakiasis, namely nausea, vomiting, severe abdominal pain and diarrhea. A. Simplex can also lead to the development of severe allergic reactions and changes in the gut similar to Crohn‘s disease.

The disease is treated with anti-parasitic drugs (albendazole) or by surgical removal of the larvae. Prevention includes thermal processing of food at temperatures above 60 ° C , freezing below - 20ºC and avoiding consumption of raw fishThe increasing trend for consumption of sushi (raw fish) in Bulgaria , predisposes to the appearance of cases of anisakiasis. We must therefore consume fish that is cooked.


Anisakis simplex, Anisakiasis, „Infection`, symptoms of anisakiasis

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