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Y. Atanasova


In Bulgaria, people at pension age are 22,3% of the population. This is a high percentage so there is lack of good conditions and quality care for all who need it. The aim is to implement opportunities for improving the quality of life of pensioners by extending the life expectance, improving and increasing the seats in institutions and increasing awareness of this contingent. Improving and prolonging the life of older people could be achieved with better and timely pre- vention of diseases, which are common for older people such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, etc. Awareness is also important for improving the quality of life. Organizing meetings of old people with specialist-phy-sicians will lead to very good results in prevention and awareness. Lack of empty seats in the specialized institu- tions and the long waiting period for admission are some of the serious problems, too. By creation of new institutions or expansion of existing ones this problem could be solved. Existing and uninhabitable municipal buildings could be adapted to nursing homes or housing other kinds of institu- tions. That will support the development of the social policy, especially improving the life of pensioners. This will significantly improve the life of many old people. It should be just the beginning of laying the foundations of a better, safer and more peaceful future.


old people, health care, quality of life, healthcare institutions


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