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M. Baklavadzhyan, V. Dimitrova, M. Antonova


The most common plan for clinical practice is to enable students to apply the acquired theoretical knowledge and skills in a real working environment to support the development of communication skills with patients and improve the manipulative techniques.

We aimed at studying the possibilities offered by clinical practice for the formation of communication skills with pa- tients. We used a sociological method, an inquiry conducted in June 2012 among 15 fourth-year midwife-students and a documentation method (analysis of the literature). Students from the Mewdical University of Varna believe that quality is not possible without clinical medical education practice. In their clinical hours they acquired knowledge how to communicate with patients. According to the students` opinion, programme of clinical practice is balanced with well-distributed thematic topics and contrib- utes to the formation of skills and competencies. According to them, in practice, to this point, communication with patients is not effective enough and the main prerequisites for this include lack of time and motivation. Effective commu- nication with patients is at the core of successful healing and healing process, and the key to it is empathy to the problems of patients, creating an atmosphere of trust and cooperation. Improving communication with patients can reduce complications and improve health care. Participation in the actual workflow in clinical practice is an opportunity to implement into practice the acquired theoretical knowledge and to create a real criterion for self-awareness and desire for self-improvement.


midwife, clinical practice, skills, communication, patients


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