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Ts. Dimitrova , A. Georgieva


Stress in modern society represents a socially significant problem. Students face new roles as well as a stronger physical and psychical loading. The purpose of this communication is to examine ‘the opinion of the first-and second-year students of the speciality of ‘nurse`concerning the effectiveness of the strategies used by them to copy stress during their education in the medical University of Varna. Both literature sources and questionnaire data were analyzed. In April-June, 2012, the direct anonymous group inquiry covered 34 first-and second-year students of the speciality of ‘nurse` in the medical University of Varna. The nurse students applied different stress-copying strategies such as time management, psycho-relaxation techniques, maintenance and improvement of the social support sys- tems, etc. However, they experienced physical and psychic discomfort of different nature. It was concluded that provision to the students of well-minded meaningful programmes for helping stress identifying and revealing of effective stress-managing strategies is an important precondition for the solution of the problem. In this way, future nurses will build-up the necessary stress-copying competences not only within the university but also in their pro- fessional activity thus being useful for their own health and for their patients` health as well.


nurse students, stress-copying strategy, inquiry, stress management


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