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T. Evtimova, T. Tsvetkova


An important prerequisite for the successful inclusion of people with special needs is a change of attitudes in society towards them. It means provision of social services to the social inclusion of people with disabilities according to their needs and desires. The aims of this study are to determine the current status, problems and opportunities for socialization of persons with mental disabilities in the Riviera Day Centre to support people with mental disabilities in Varna. Document analysis and sociological methods (anonymous inquiry of the staff in the Riviera Day Centre) were applied. Data were processed by means of Excel software and presented graphically. The results illustrate that curricula are not fully consistent with the capabilities of people with disabilities as this is done only in 50% of the cases. Most respondents do not require other specialists in the training of people with disabilities (80%) while according to the rest 20%, there is need of other specialists such as typhlopedagogue and surdopedagogue to achieve the objectives of the centre. The need of individual work is required for their development and socialization and development of social skills (100%). Almost two-thirds of customers are independent and autonomous in carrying out activities outside the day care centre (72%), while others re- quire care by another person of their existence (38%). Lack of access to quality education is an actual problem that con- tributes to the reduction of equal opportunities for people with disabilities. Existing legislation and current practice do not create the necessary conditions and do not warrant access to integrated education for the disabled. All educational institutions should be involved in the training of people with disabilities in an integrated environment. Any families live with the same hope for their children. Families of children with disabilities are not different and should be accepted by the school as full participants in the learning process.


Riviera Day Centre, disability, peers, social service needs, positive roles inquiry


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