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A. Koleva , V. Dimitrova, M. Antonova


Career guidance incorporates the choice of a profession with opportunities for education, training and employment focusing on the interaction between learning and labor market. The objective of this study was to reveal the rea- sons for the selection of the specialty of midwife and to plan the further professional development of students of the midwifery course one at the Medical University of Varna. A sociological method consisting in an inquiry conducted in June 2012 among 20 first-class midwife students. An analysis of the scientific literature available was performed. A significant proportion of students are taught in the specialty of midwife by the arrangement of subjects being not their first choice. The opportunity to help people attracted them. Students find it necessary to expand the knowledge of the profession among high-school graduates providing appropriate student training programs. Low pay in the industry and professional responsibility are factors that significantly influence on their choice. Students believe that the profession is suitable for them and enable them to develop their potential. According to our results, the students` community is not fully aware of the importance of nursing care in the therapeutic and recovery process and believes that the profession of midwife receives any deserved public acknowledgment. Their university education should improve the image of the profession.


midwifery, occupational choice, motivation, career, inquiry


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