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Z. Miteva, S. Dimitrova


The purpose of this study is to identify nurse`s role in helping the patients with stoma and to outline the steps and stages in the training of such patients and their families. A historical survey of the topic and a review of the scientific literature available were presented. The main purpose in caring the patients with stoma is to bring independence and comfort to the patient, while, at the same time, the latter should save and preserve his dignity in situations of permanent stoma. An interesting fact is the historical development of surgical interventions and nursing care focused on patients with stoma due to various reasons and diseases.

The foreign and own experience indicate that the establishment of rehabilitation centers for stoma care allows more than 60% of patients with stoma to return to their usual life- style as the remaining 40% to gain a greater degree of autonomy in their life. Based on the literature analysis the basic steps in training patients with stoma and their relatives as well as in providing nursing care were proposed Stoma patients` education recognizes the need and the modern promotive nursing care. Patients need an information about their life after discharge from hospital and subsequent stoma care.


nurse, stoma, patient, nursing care, education, training


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