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M. Nikolova, D. Dimitrova


Anxiety is a universal human experience manifested in in- security and uneasiness. Several studies claim that the primary source of stress and anxiety for students are examinations. A total of 95 students were studied in the Medical University of Varna. All participants are students in the specialties of nurse and midwife. The objective of the study is to analyze the influence of stress and anxiety on their behavior and to draw guidelines for coping. The fundamental problems for achieving this objective are the following: study of manifestations of stress and the level of anxiety as well as study of students` behavior before examinations. Particular guidelines for coping with examination anxiety are drawn from the analysis. The students experience different levels of intensive stress during examinations and use different strategies for coping with stress. Anxiety is somatized in headache, stomachache and weakness. The most common behavioural manifestations are irritability, excitedness, mood changes, excessive smoking, increased consumption of alcohol, energizing drinks and food. The guidelines for coping emphasize on cognitive strategies for coping with stress and efficient management of time for examination preparation.


anxiety, stress, stress coping, students, examinations


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