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Y. Zayakova


Augmentation alone and mastopexy are two different surgical procedures serving different purposes. The indication for simultaneous augmentation with mastopexy is ptosis combined with breast hypotrophy. The aim of this paper is to clarify the application of mastopexy with augmentation in cases of breast ptosis. Mastopexy combined with augmentation was applied in 52 patients with breast ptosis aged 24 to 44 years. The following techniques were used: mastopexy: periareolar (in 44,23%), multiplane (in 28,85%), vertical (in 15,38%), and T-inverted (in 11,54% of the cases). The position of the implant is dual plane in 47 cases (90,38%), subpectoral - in 4 (7,69%), subfastial in one case (192%). Atotal of 104 implants were used. Very good results were obtained in 43 patients (in 82,69%), good - in 5 (in 9,62%), satisfactory - in 3 (in 5,77%), and poor - in one patient (in 1,92% of the cases). The application of augmentation with mastopexy is a relatively complicated surgical procedure. The risk for complications is higher than when the procedures are applied alone. However, the right choice of surgical technique combined with atraumatic tissue dissection definitely leads to good postoperative results.


augmentation mammaplasty, mastopexy, implants, breast ptosis


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