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The good microclimate in the dental laboratory as a prerequisite for successful

Ani Atanasova, Sonia Toncheva, Ðœihaela Varneva


For the purpose of creating a good microclimate in a dental laboratory it is necessary to focus on successful communication, feedback, mutual understanding and positive emotions. The manager is supposed to create professional and personal relationship with the team members. It is also the manager`s task to be aware and understand what motivates team members, what makes them give their best and keeps them engaged in their job. The creation and maintenance of successful communication between managers and people in the organizational sphere must stimulate personal strengths, motivate achievements and encourage trust and agreement. A research investigating the necessity of maintaining a good microclimate in a dental laboratory was conducted among managers of dental laboratories and their employees. An inquiry was made in November/December 2014. The targets of analysis were 47 respondents (17 managers of dental laboratories and 30 dental laboratory employees). Sociological and statistical methods as well as a graphical analysis were applied. According to the results, respect for managers (managers - 33.30%, employees - 70,00%) and respect for colleagues (managers - 40.30%, employees - 50.00%) stood out as key factors for good work microclimate. Managers think they do all the necessary things to solve the problem (66.70%), but according to the majority of the inquired employees a compromise is usually aimed at (56.70%). Additional educational practice in health care management would help the managers improve the microcli mate and maintain staff motivation to reach a more successful work environment in general.


microclimate, dental laboratory, managers, dental laboratory employees, research

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