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The functioning of the health care system in Bulgaria through the eyes of the patients

Darina Mineva


Introduction: Health care systems are the largest sectors in the global economy, the activity of which is dedicated to ensuring the reproduction of human resources. However, there are not enough studies to explore the feedback of human resources in the health system.

Aim: The purpose of this article is to assess the functioning of the health care system in Bulgaria by the patients themselves - users of health services in field of chronic disease prevention.

Materials and Methods: Оne hundred and fifty insured individuals were investigated by sociological method. A direct individual anonymous survey and graphical analysis are presented.

Results: The results show that patients demonstrate a low level of security in the health care system in Bulgaria. There is a misunderstanding of the health care system regarding the needs of prevention.

Conclusion: This suggests a need to urgently redirect the health system to a more exact definition of the needs of prevention and the maintaining of continuous communication between the health care system and the users of health services as a tool for continuous improvement of its functioning and management.


health care system, health services, health needs, prevention, feedback

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