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The distribution of breast cancer among women between the age of 20-65years in some regions in Bulgaria

Katya Eguruze


Breast cancer is responsible for 26.5% of new cas- es of cancer in women in Europe and 17% of deaths in women with malignancies. The risk for this disease in Western Europe is 60% higher than the risk of disease in Eastern Europe. Annual incidence of breast cancer in Western Europe and the United States increases by 1-2%. Only 3 997 new cases of breast carcinoma have been registered in Bulgaria in 2013.

Purpose: To investigate the incidence of breast cancer in women from 20 to 65 years of age in some re- gions of our country.

Material and Methods: 1 102 women living in the districts of Varna, Dobrich, Silistra and Shumen were interviewed, about one third of them living in the vil- lage. The surveyed persons are aged 20-65. The survey covers the period from January 2013 to March 2015. It has developed its own toolkit to conduct a direct anon- ymous poll. Sociological and statistical methods of study were used.

Results and Discussion: The distribution of wom- en by age shows approximately uniformity, about half (45.60%) of respondents said they had secondary and technical secondary education. Of all participants in our study, 83.30% did not have any breast-relat- ed health problems, 12.10% had a benign form, and 4.70% diagnosed breast cancer. In 35.90% of the diag- nosed cases, the detected form was at an early stage, in 30.80% the cancer was in the 2nd clinical stage, and in a total of 33.30% the carcinoma was diagnosed at an advanced and last stage. There is a tendency to in- crease the percentage of women who have had benign or breast cancer with increasing age.


women; carcinoma; cancer; breast; morbidity

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