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„In Varna for beauty and health`, a specialized edition of the 1930s

Dimitar Stavrev, Ivelina Dimitrova


Varna was declared a seaside resort with Ministerial Decree in 1925. The need of tourist information led to the publication of a specialized edition „In Varna for Beauty and Health` in 1932. The only issue of the magazine presented the available resources and opportunities of the city and the coast. Practical advice on the correct application of sea baths and the rational use of natural resources was published. Thirty-two pages featured articles on major health topics and tourism topics. They were written by three authors. One of them was Dr. Kiril Yordanov, a well-known physician from Varna. The subjects were divided into three categories - historico-geographic, medical (rather
prophylactic) and sporting. They were richly illustrated with pictures and graphics. The appearance and style of the magazine was complemented by published advertisements. They occupied much of the pages in the book and were twenty-six in total. Published articles and advertisements were selected by content and
matched the title of the publication. It met the needs of Varna residents and visitors of the city in regard to information on fashion and health trends in the 1930s.


Varna; sea therapy; tourism; health and beauty

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Въ Варна за красота и здраве. Год. I. 1932, Библиотека - „Красота и Здраве“ № 1, Печатница „Войниковъ“ - Варна, 1932, стр.52


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