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The need for change in the curriculum in relation to the demands and requirements of the modern dental technоlogy

Azhda Turgut, Nenko Tsvetkov


Introduction: With the introduction of new technologies in the manufacture of constructions during the training process in dental technology, students will achieve a higher quality of training and hence there will be better prepared dental technicians. All this will provide them with higher competitiveness on the labor market.
Aim: The aim of the study is to research the necessity of changing the curricula of Medical College - Varna, depending on the needs and requirements of modern dental technicians.
Materials and Methods: Ninety-one students and 9 dental technicians were surveyed via a direct anonymous survey. The results were statistically processed using descriptive, variational and comparative analyses.
Results and Discussion: Over 1/3 of the students surveyed are of the opinion that the training in the program that is currently provided at the Medical College-Varna does not meet the conditions of the labor market. The results of the study on the factors that would contribute to the improvement of dental training indicate that the main recommendation to the Medical College-Varna is to increase the number of hours for practical exercises in order to study new technologies and materials more extensively. A significant part of the teachers are of the opinion that there is a need to change the curriculum, with the introduction of new technologies in dental technology and the increase of practical exercises.


training; quality; students; Medical College; dental technician

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