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Awareness of medical and health care students from MU-Varna about immunoprophylaxis in Bulgaria

Mariela Ilieva, Antonia Nedkova, Slavka Valcheva, Eliyana Ivanova


In recent years in the Republic of Bulgaria and the countries of the WHO European Region there has been a decline in the immunization coverage of the population with the vaccines included in national immunization programs.
The parents‘ fluctuations regarding „for“ and „against“ vaccinating their children require that medical professionals have a high level of preparation and information on vaccine preparations and the infectious diseases that they protect against. The purpose of the research is to explore the level of awareness of students from the Medicine and Health Care programs at the Medical University of Varna about immunoprophylaxis in Bulgaria.
A survey was conducted, the results of which are presented with graphs. The data show that the students at the Medical University of Varna support the national immunization policy. The level of awareness of the students regarding the vaccines applied in the obligatory immunization calendar of the Republic of Bulgaria is satisfactory.
The introduction into the curriculum of the students from the Medical University of Varna of additional training courses in the field of immunoprophylaxis will allow to successfully apply the acquired knowledge in the field of public health after graduation.


immunoprophylaxis; vaccines

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