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Awareness of public health inspector students about the nature of corruption and corruption practices in state health control

Tanya Dacheva


Public health inspectors are subjected to corruption pressure in the performance of their functions in the Public Health Control System. The aim of this paper is to study the awareness and attitudes to corruption of first-year students from the Public Health Inspector program and, depending on the results, to create appropriate anti-corruption training.
The study was conducted through a survey including freshmen at the beginning of the winter semesters of the 2014/15 and 2015/16 academic years.
The results show that the majority of students admitted to the program selected it as their first choice (85%) and they are familiar with the profession and the corruption risk while exercising it. More than 70% of respondents believe that there is corruption everywhere, 15% state that the definition of corruption is not clear, 50% are convinced that nothing can be done against corrupt practices and that those who are responsible for resolving the problem are also corrupt. Half of the students suggest that there is corruption in the Public Health Control System and that at the same time there are officials with corruption intolerance.
The analysis showed that students have no clear idea of the nature of corruption but are aware of the existence of corrupt practices in the healthcare system.
The results of the study were taken into account in the update of the Social and Health Legislation Program, including lectures and exercises related to corrupt practices and criminal-law aspects of corruption.


corruption; training; public health inspectors

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