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The Opinion Of Third-Year Students The Midwife Program Of The Medical University Of Varna On The Practical Preparation During Their Training

Rumyana Laleva, Slavena Ilieva, Valya Dimitrova


INTRODUCTION: Being a midwife is a difficult profession requiring intelligence, quick thinking, practical skills and lifelong learning.

Students from the Midwife program receive a theoretical and clinical training in their four-year training course that meets the Unified State Requirements. Theoretical training is done through compulsory, elective and facultative subjects. Clinical training is conducted through clinical practice and pre-graduate practice. During clinical preparation, students undertake activities under the guidance and supervision of a practicing lecturer and/or a qualified midwife.


MATERIALS AND METHODS: A sociological method was used, and 28 third-year students from the Midwife program at the Medical University of Varna were interviewed individually and anonymously in June 2018.

A documentary method analyzing literary sources dealing with the subject of this study was applied.

A statistical method was used to analyze the results of the own study.

RESULTS AND DISCUSSION: From the answers of the students, we found that a large percentage (78.57%) were satisfied with the clinical practice bases of the Medical University of Varna. They also thought that they had enough knowledge and skills in terms of clinical practice. According to 89.28% of the students for their practical training, the lecturer who led the clinical practice was of great importance.

CONCLUSION: The clinical practice and clinical bases at the Medical University of Varna for the Midwife program fulfil the majority of the expectations of the students. According to respondents, it is necessary for the attitude of the staff in the wards toward them to be improved.


clinical practice, students, preparation

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Алианс на българските акушерки

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