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Distribution of dentin hypersensitivity by teeth

Vladimir Panov


Dentin hypersensitivity is a short-term, acute pain that occurs after provoking the dentin with thermal, mechanical, osmotic or chemical irritants in vital teeth. Unlike the extensive epidemiology of dental caries, data on the incidence of dental hypersensitivity are less and often inconsistent.

            To determine the prevalence of dentinal hypersensitivity by number of affected teeth per patient, groups of affected teeth, and their location by side and jaw, we examined 48 patients who came to the dental office with complaints of tooth sensitivity and a feeling of pain when consuming cold, hot, sweet, sour, or when washing. Patients were examined after purging with dental air water spray to establish clinical hypersensitivity.            

            The study showed that the majority of patients had problems with hypersensitivity in a single tooth, and in 25% two teeth were affected. There were rarely 3, 4 or more teeth affected at one time. The premolars were most often with dentin hypersensitivity, in 53% of cases. Least involved were the incisors. The affected teeth were more often on the left side, though the differences were large. More often, teeth that were affected by hypersensitivity were of the upper jaw.


dentin hypersensitivity, pain, distribution

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