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Awareness And Behavior Of Consumers In Choosing Dermocosmetic Products

Tyulyaу Ibraim, Lora Georgieva, Ilko Bakardzhiev


The widespread consumption and diversity of dermocosmetic products in today's society raise the current issue of consumer awareness of their qualities and composition. This article presents the results of a survey of 80 users of dermocosmetics in five pharmacies in Varna on their behavior in choosing dermocosmetics and their awareness of the ingredients of cosmetic products, with an emphasis on parabens. The results show that the leading motive for buying a cosmetic product is the low price (45%), the second is the well-established brand (35%), and the TV commercials are also motivating. Only 38% of respondents were interested in whether the cosmetic product contained parabens. Only 20% are aware of the negative health effects of parabens. Measures should be developed to raise public awareness of the risk ingredients in cosmetic products, to educate consumers to always read information on labels, to recognize paraben indications, to detect inaccurate and conflicting data and to inform control authorities in a timely manner.


dermocosmetics, awareness, consumer behavior, choice

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