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Beauty Today – Natural Or Acquired

Anzhela Zhekova, Ilko Bakardzhiev, Simona Asenova, Desislava Gesheva, Margarita Stancheva, Denica Dimitrova, Svetlana Laskova


Since antiquity beauty has been one of the main aims of mankind. We have a great variety of options for reaching it, some of them completely harmless and others a bit more radical. Provoked by the outburst of role models we decided to check whether they actually have any influence. The goal of our research is to determine the public attitudes about aesthetic procedures. The subjects of our online survey are 244 women between 15 and 65 years of age, from all over Bulgaria. According to a significant part (65.16%) a “pretty woman” is the one who takes care of her natural look and no one appears to include plastic surgery in this definition. More than the half of them (52.87%) would not change anything and more than one quarter (26.64%) consider there is a huge marketing manipulation about the eventual consequences. Mostly young ladies are willing to go for aesthetic manipulations and a small but an important part of them (4.26%) admit they aim to attract the attention of others. Whether this propaganda has any impact on the society, the possible presence of any vulnerable groups and whether we have enough information about all the procedures on the market are among the questions we will try to answer with our research.


appearance, plastic surgery, natural look, research, role model

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