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Тhe Place And Role Of Kinesitherapy In The Treatment Of Foot Pain

Polina Todorova


Introduction: Foot pain is a common disorder and is an important and serious health and social problem. The prevalence and economic burden grow exponentially. The research presents detailed physical therapy program for recovery of the muscle function and the motor control in the ankle and foot area. The program is applicable in the subacute and chronic periods of recovery after different kinds of disorders in that area for the effective recovery of the arthrokinematics.

Materials and Methods: The balance of the body during standing and walking requires a delicate combination of mobility and stability. The terms of reference and methods for the recovery of the muscle tone and relaxation of the weak muscle have been presented. The exercise in a closed kinetic chain, both with body weight, joint-mobilization techniques, and exercises with elastic resistance have been focused on.

Results: The results of the application of the specialized therapeutic exercises showed a decrease in the pain level and increased pain-free range of motion. The aim is to use soft tissue mobilizations and natural proprioceptive facilitation of the muscle function, and to recover the complex functional abilities of the ankle and food in locomotion. The biomechanical and functional features of the ankle and foot as one of the most loaded regions of the muscle skeletal system have been taken into consideration.

Discussion: All of the above-listed arguments are the reason for an algorithm for applying of the most effective physical therapy methods in that kind of foot traumas to be investigated and described.


foot, kinesitherapy, joint-tissue mobilization, muscle function

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