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The Influence Of The Sexual Debut On The Intimate Life Of The Individual

Diana Dimitrova, Jana Pavlovska, Diyana Petrova, Venelina Mihaylova


Introduction: The sexual debut notes a new stage of person`s development. It is a way toward the world of adults, a new stage in development and a revolutionary step in the understanding of love.

Aim: The purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of the sexual debut on the next sexual experiences of the person.

Materials and Methods: We studied the opinion of 100 women aged 29 to 30 years. An original inquiry card that comprised 8 questions was used. One of the questions included a four-level Likert-type scale for appraising the intimate relationships and love. The study was conducted between 1/05/2018 and 30/06/2018, and the data were analyzed using Excel 2013 software.

Results: The results show that the average age for starting a sexual life is 16.6 years. People who have negative experience from their first sexual act are more inclined to split up with their partners, if they stopped loving them, they rarely fall in love, hardly believe in the existence of “eternal love” in comparison with women with positive experience. There is no considerable difference concerning the influence of sexual debut on the stability of the relationship.


sexual debut, intimacy, love

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