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Effect on pain and facial edema of platelet-rich plasma in removed radicular cysts

Stelian Edrev, Stefan Peev


The effect on pain scores of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) applied alone or in combination either with collagen or with autologous bone was followed up on the first, third and seventh day in 42 patients, 26 males and 16 females, with removed radicular cysts as well as in 15 patients without this treatment. The degree of postoperative facial edema on the first day was examined, too. An increased frequency of slightly expressed pain (with a summary score of 1 and 2 according to the visual analogue scale) was established in the radicular cysts during the initial seven days by means of PRP alone as well as by means of both PRP and collagen, and both PRP and autologous bone, respectively. The mean pain scores between the first and seventh day after treatment were statistically significantly lower with the use of PRP alone (t=9.665; р<0.00001), PRP with collagen (t=10.175; р<0.00001) and PRP with autologous bone (t=12.516; р<0,00001). There was no statistical significance in terms of the mean differences between the effect on the degree of postoperative edema of these three treatment methods of radicular cysts one towards another and towards the control patients. The application of PRP alone or in combination with collagen or autologous bone exerted a favorable influence on pain and facial edema in the patients with removed radicular cysts.


platelet-rich plasma, collagen, autologous bone, radicular cysts, pain, facial edema

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