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Varna Medical Forum

Vol 9 (2020): Online First


Approach to cost-of-quality management in pharmaceutical manufacturing PDF
Reneta Stefanova 7-15
Impact of quality management system on company performance - attitudes of Bulgarian pharmaceutical industry employees PDF
Reneta Stefanova 16-22
Ultrasound measument of local arterial stiffness through one-point echo-tracking technique PDF
Elena Marinova 23-27
Research on the period of adaptation to the work of the nurse in a hemodialysis center PDF
Krasimira Stamova, Anna Georgieva, Stanislava Pavlova, Svetla Staykova, Snezhana Atanasova 28-32
Turner's hypoplasia in a 11-year-old child. А case report PDF
Dobrinka Damyanova, Veselina Dimitrova 33-38
Instructions for the preparation of a medical expertise by a clinicist PDF
Dobrinka Radoynova, Binna Nencheva 39-45
Clinical characteristics of some major childhood diseases (autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, mental retardation) and their relationship to oral status. A literature review PDF
Radosveta Andreeva 47-53
Children with special health needs - definitions and epidemiology. A literature review PDF
Radosveta Andreeva 54-58
Acute scrotum in children and the role of Doppler sonography in differential diagnosis PDF
Petar Stamov, Nikolay Evtimov, Rumen Hristov 59-63
Case presentation of SUNCT PDF
Kristiyan Georgiev, Radina Fuchidzhieva, Darina Georgieva-Hristova, Silva Andonova 63-67
Comparative analysis of the immunization practice efficiency in England and the Republic of Bulgaria upon the implementation of the national immunization programs PDF
Eliyana Ivanova, Rositsa Chamova 68-73
Hepcidin and beta-thalassemia major – diagnostic and therapeutic aspects PDF
Liliya Stoyanova 74-78
Primary restorative fillings used in clinical practice PDF
Dobrinka Mitkova Damyanova 79-87
Case presentation of Behcet’s syndrome with neurological involvement PDF
Kristiyan Georgiev, Radina Fuchidzieva, Darina Georgieva-Hristova, Silva Andonova 88-95

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