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Annual for Hospital Pharmacy

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The idea for this publication arises after the establishment of the Professional organization of hospital pharmacists (POBFB) in our country, a non-profit organization protecting the interests of this group of medical professionals. It was created to introduce the pharmaceutical community with issues and specifics of the work of hospital pharmacist.
The aim of the journal `Annual for hospital pharmacy` is not only to provide access to all relevant information for the pharmaceutical practice and pharmacotherapy in the hospital, but also to offer regularly published authoritative publication presenting overviews and valuable research.

The journal publish historical, theoretical and practical materials related to hospital pharmacy in Bulgaria, Europe and worldwide. In each issue Editorial board met wider readership and achievements of foreign specialists through the publication of translated articles from European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy.

The mission of the journal is to enrich the knowledge of hospital pharmacists and other stakeholders to help improve their awareness.

The magazine has a scientific nature and is published in one issue per year. Requirements to authors meet the standard for Bulgarian scientific medical periodicals. The publication of an articles is free of charge. The journal is included with an identification code (ISSN) in the international system for registration of periodic publications.

The Editorial board of the journal `Annual for hospital pharmacy` sincerely hopes to offer pharmaceutical publication, which correspond to the highest modern requirements and contribute to scientific knowledge and satisfaction of all readers!

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