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Analysis Of The Efficiency Of Historical Treatment Costs Of Patients With Invasive Fungal Infections

Toni Vekov, Jivko Kolev


The study presents the modeling of local data on the costs and health benefits of CYP51 inhibitors (CYP51i) for the treatment of invasive fungal infections and the implementation of an indirect comparison based on network meta-analysis. The results of our assessment are confirmed by the results of the same health technology assessments conducted in Spain and the United States. Voriconazole is a cost-effective therapy compared to fluconazole for pharmacotherapy and prevention of invasive fungal infections (ICER 1020 lv / QALY) and dominates itraconazole with improved therapeutic efficacy and lower cost of treatment. Posaconazole is not cost-effective therapy compared to voriconazole because of its too high cost and an unfavorable incremental cost-benefit ratio and additional health benefits (ICER 145 000 lv./QALY).


invasive fungal infections, CYP51 inhibitors, cost / effectiveness analysis

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