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Reference Pricing And Generic Entry Of Medicinal Products From The Therapeutic Group Erythropoetins

Jivko Kolev, Nadia Kirova, Evgeni Grigorov


The study shows that the impact on sales value of the erythropoietin therapeutic group is similar to other 100% reimbursed medicinal products. The only difference is for decrease in the value of erythropoietins are 16.25%. The weaker impact of drug policies in the biosimilar group is most likely due to the delayed penetration of this type of medication requiring specific trials demonstrating bioequivalence and, most likely, less opportunity for alternatives to drug administration. The average decrease in the price of medicinal products from the erythropoietin group for the period 2011-2017 was 29.4% (-50.68% ÷ + 69.1%) from 40,12 BGN to 28,35 BGN.


reference pricing, generic entry, medicinal product, erythropoietin

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