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Review Of Systemic Approaches And Adjuvant Therapy In The Treatment Of Resectable Colorectal Cancer In Adult Patients

Krum Kafedjiiski


Colorectal cancer continues to present a serious problem for the modern medicine and in particular regarding the treatment of older patients. Specific difficulties are described for the treatment of this population. The adjuvant chemotherapy for the treatment of stage II and III resectable colorectal cancer is analyzed. The safety and efficacy of the adjuvant chemotherapy as well as the specific difficulties for the treatment of these patients are also reviewed. The life expectancy in years depending on the age during diagnosis and also the number of concurrent chronic diseases are assessed. The latest data are summarized, which recommend the routine use of adjuvant chemotherapy in more fit patients with stage III and high-risk stage II cancer. It is also outlined that older patients with significant functional impairments are not suitable candidates for adjuvant chemotherapy.


colorectal cancer, overall survival, fluoropyrimidines, adjuvant chemotherapy

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