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Annual for Hospital Pharmacy

Vol 1, No 1 (2015)

Cover and Contents

Cover and Contents PDF

Aim and Mission

Aim and Mission PDF
Editorial Team 5-6


History of the hospital practice and the hospital pharmacy in Bulgaria PDF
Zlatka Dimitrova 7-15
Biological, biotechnological and biosimilar medicinal products PDF
A. Stoimenova, L. Antonov 16-24
Overview and critical analysis of clinical trials data and epidemiological surveys proving complex mechanism and controversy of anti-tumorigenic activity of metformin PDF
Tatyana Teneva, Ilko Getov 25-31
Current approaches in the treatment of bladder cancer PDF
Olga Antonova, Valentina Belcheva 32-39
“Common training framework” for postgraduate education (specialization) in hospital pharmacy PDF
Evgeni Grigorov 40-42
Everyday pain, analgesic beliefs and analgesicbehaviours in Europe and Russia: An epidemiologicalsurvey and analysis PDF
K. E. Vowles, B. Rosser, P. Januszewicz, B. Morlion, S. Evers, Ch. Eccleston 43-51
Switching to different generic medicines: A checklist for safety issues PDF
M. Becker, A. F. Y. Al Hadithy, P. M. L. A. van den Bemt, N. G. Hunfeld 52-56
Estimating the requirement for manipulation of medicines to provide accurate doses for children PDF
A. Nunn, R. Richey, U. Shah, C. Barker, J. Craig, M. Peak, J. Ford, M. Turner 57-63