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Annual for Hospital Pharmacy

Vol 8, No 1 (2022)

Cover and Contents

Cover and Content PDF

Original Article

Enfortumab vedotin for the treatment of patients with urothelial cancer after failure of the treatment with PD-1/PD-L1 inhibitor—cost-effectiveness analysis PDF
Toni Vekov, Makreta Draganova, Nadia Veleva, Elena Daracheva, Valentina Belcheva, Jivko Kolev 5-10
Marketing authorization procedures with negative opinion from EMA—tendencies and novelties in 2021–2022 PDF
Violeta Getova-Kolarova, Ilko Getov 11-16
Analysis of the centralized preparation of medicines for systemic treatment of malignant diseases in nine European countries PDF
Velina Grigorova, Evgeni Grigorov 17-22
Antibiotic Resistance And Monitoring Of Antibiotic Consumption In Hospital Settings PDF
Michael M. Petrov 23-30

Review Article

Review Of Systemic Approaches And Adjuvant Therapy In The Treatment Of Resectable Colorectal Cancer In Adult Patients PDF
Krum Kafedjiiski 31-37
Remdesivir—the medicine that has proven to be a successful new health technology in the battle against COVID-19 PDF
Orlin Nedev, Evgeni Grigorov 38-51
Contemporary opioid-sparing approaches after hysterectomy PDF
Georgi Penev 52-61
How next generation digital technologies are transforming the pharmaceutical industry PDF
Svetoslav Tsenov 62-67
Role of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors in patients with aortic stenosis PDF
Stefan Yambolov, Rozen Grigorov 68-72