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Mast cells and mast cell growth factor: possible role in auricular thrombosis

Hans C. Bankl, Thaddäus Radaszkiewicz, Peter Valent


Although mast cells have been implicated in many vascular and inflammatory reactions, the mechanisms underlying such mast cell-dependent processes have not been fully clarified. Recently we have established an association between mast cells and local thrombus formation. The most useful model for studying molecular mechanisms of mast cell-thrombosis interactions appeared to be auricular thrombosis. In the present review we summarize our findings in patients with auricular thrombosis with regard to functionally important molecules that can either be expressed and released by cardiac mast cells or interact with mast cells via distinct cell surface molecules. The potential prothrombolytic function of mast cells in atrial thrombosis is discussed.

Biomedical Reviews 1995; 4: 29-34.

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About The Authors

Hans C. Bankl
University of Vienna

Thaddäus Radaszkiewicz
University of Vienna

Peter Valent
University of Vienna

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