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Neuronal recovery after peripheral traumatic lesions of the facial motor nerve

Doychin N. Angelov, Wolfram F. Neiss


The present work summarizes recent data on the responses in the facial nucleus to experimental lesion on the extratemporal part of the facial nerve. It includes a description of all so far reported reactions to axotomy in motoneurons, microglia and astroglia at cellular and molecular level, together with an attempt for a comprehensible interpretation of their importance. The brief review on the experimental and clinical results of the reinnervation is followed by some original results from our experience to improve neuronal regeneration with peroral administration of the calcium antagonist nimodipine.

Biomedical Reviews 1994; 3: 39-53.

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About The Authors

Doychin N. Angelov
University of Cologne

Wolfram F. Neiss
University of Cologne

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