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From first to the second European Stroke Prevention Study

A. Lowenthal, J. Sivenius


A number of recent publications have shown that secondary prevention of cerebrovascular ischemic brain events is possible with anti-aggregating drugs. Comparison between the different studies is difficult, but the results obtained with using a combination therapy with aspirin (ASA) and dipyridamole (DP) seem to be superior to the results obtained with ASA alone. The first European Stroke Prevention Study (ESPS 1), that used 990 mg ASA and 225 mg DP a day, showed this clearly. In an attempt to minimize the side effects of a large dose ASA and possibly even to improve the efficacy, ESPS 2 was established. ESPS 2 will compare 50 mg ASA, 400 mg DP, the combination of both, and placebo.

Biomedical Reviews 1993; 2: 31-35.

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A. Lowenthal
University of Kuopio

J. Sivenius
University of Kuopio

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