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ABO genetic system, sexually transmitted infections and androgen-associated dermatoses

Simeon G. Radev, Ilko Bakardzhiev, Diliana Panova, Vladimir Michev


In the middle of 20th century, it was proved that ABO genetic system was the result of play of selection, including the infectious mortality due to two deadly epidemic collisions in the antiquity and with the main scene being Asian societies. It was discovered that plague tended to kill blood group O while smallpox blood group A carriers. Onwards no link was sought between this evolutionary phenomenon and blood group-related sexually transmitted infections and recurrent androgen-associated dermatoses (such as pityriasis versicolor and acne vulgaris) as well as sexual and fertility activity. Here we Dance Round such possible links. We found that these are expressed more strongly by blood group B carriers, and an attempt at translation of some relationships into population (intercontinental) level. We emphasize the genesis of blood group-related population gene pool equilibrium level and its attributes such as complex defense responses and co-operated immune reactions.

Biomedical Reviews 2011; 22: 77-80.

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About The Authors

Simeon G. Radev
Naval Hospital of Varna

Ilko Bakardzhiev
Medical College of Varna

Diliana Panova
Piedmont Hospital of Atlanta
United States

Vladimir Michev
Military medical academy of Sofia

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