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Brain-derived neurotrophic factor: a new adipokine

Federica Sornelli, Marco Fiore, George N. Chaldakov, Luigi Aloe


Since leptin discovery in 1994, an extensive body of work has been demonstrating that adipose tissue (mainly its white phenotype) expresses not only metabolic, but also endocrine and paracrine phenotypes, particularly in adipobiology of disease. This new biology is achieved predominantly through secretion of adipokines, which include more than hundred highly active signaling proteins. However, studies on adipobiology of neurotrophins have recently emerged, nerve growth factor being one example of adipose-derived neurotrophins. Here we present data showing that brain-derived neurotrophic factor is also expressed in both white and brown adipose tissue.

Biomedical Reviews 2007; 18: 85-88.

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About The Authors

Federica Sornelli
National Research Council of Rome

Marco Fiore
National Research Council of Rome

George N. Chaldakov
Medical University of Varna

Luigi Aloe
National Research Council of Rome

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