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Biomedical Reviews

Vol 13 (2002)


Metallothionein expression and roles in the central nervous system PDF
Milena Penkowa 1-15
Pharmacological mechanisms, clinical effectiveness, and side-effects of prostaglandin analogues as anti-glaucoma agents PDF
Shigeo Tsukahara, Kenji Kashiwagi 17-27
The neural crest and neural crest defects PDF
Maya Sieber-Blum, Zhijian Zhang 29-37
Neuromelanin-containing, catecholaminergic neurons in the human brain: ontogenetic aspects, development and aging PDF
Dimitar E. Itzev, Wladimir A. Ovtscharoff, Enrico Marani, Kamen G. Usunoff 39-47
Apoptosis in the mammalian nervous system: developmental and clinical implications PDF
Krikor Dikranian 49-61

Dance Round

PAAT: a path to atherosclerosis PDF
Ivan S. Stankulov, Luigi Aloe, Peter I. Ghenev, Luigi Manni, Pavel S. Pavlov, Marco Fiore, George N. Chaldakov 63-65


NGF2002: more powerful than NGF1951 PDF
George N. Chaldakov 67-69

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