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Biomedical Reviews

Vol 2 (1993)


HIV-1 infection of cells and AIDS progression PDF
Dimiter S. Dimitrov 1-8
Glutathione deficiency in HIV infection PDF
Wulf Dröge, Hans-Peter Eck, Steffen Roth, Sabine Mihm 9-13
Pharmacological effects of spices: eicosanoid modulating activities and their significance in human health PDF
K. C. Srivastava, T. Mustafa 15-29
From first to the second European Stroke Prevention Study PDF
A. Lowenthal, J. Sivenius 31-35
Mast cells, vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP), and the hemorrhagic shock: a possible relationship? PDF
Neşe Tunçel 37-46
Neural regulation of the protein composition of saliva PDF
Gordon B. Proctor 47-56
Is uremia an example of acquired inhibition of receptor-mediated endocytosis? PDF
Tzanko S. Stantchev 57-75

Dance Round

HIV-associated Kaposi's sarcoma spindle cells: smooth muscle origin and immunological link PDF
George N. Chaldakov 77-78
Intracellular fusogens and antifusogens in HIV-1-CD4-mediated membrane fusion? PDF
George N. Chaldakov 79-80

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