Scientific Online Resource System

Biomedical Reviews

Vol 24 (2013)


"Rediscovery" of a forgotten organelle, the primary cilium: the root cause of a plethora of disorders PDF
Denys N. Wheatley 1-7
Genome-wide profiling of copy number alterations in cancer: focus on melanoma PDF
Luigi Pasini 11-24
Computational modelling: moonlighting on the neuroscience and medicine PDF
Parichehr Hassanzadeh 25-31
Postnatal development of the inner ear efferent innervation in mammals PDF
Emylian A. Ivanov, Svetla P. Doseva, Nikolai E. Lazarov 33-48
YKL-40 in health and disease: a challenge for joint inflammation PDF
Maria Kazakova, Victoria Sarafian 49-56
The roles of micro RNA in pancreas development and regeneration PDF
Tamara Rabe, Farnaz Shamsi, Ahmed Mansouri 57-64


Editor's foreword PDF
George N. Chaldakov iii-iv
Professor Denys N. Wheatley: great in triplicate - scientist, scholar, artist PDF
George N. Chaldakov vi-vii
SOS for SOC: the renaissance of a seemingly ubiquitous organelle PDF
George N. Chaldakov, Krikor Dikranian 9-10

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