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Biomedical Reviews

Vol 4 (1995)


Nerve growth factor, mast cells and arthritis PDF
Luigi Aloe, Marco Aurelio Tuveri, Francesco Angelucci 7-14
Neurotrophins: neural antiapoptotic molecules with neurite growth-promoting properties PDF
Urmas Arumäe 15-27
Mast cells and mast cell growth factor: possible role in auricular thrombosis PDF
Hans C. Bankl, Thaddäus Radaszkiewicz, Peter Valent 29-34
Pathways and nerve densities in cerebrovascular innervation PDF
Ronald L. A. W. Bleys, Gerbrand J. Groen 35-46
The cellular basis of microvessel restiction and neomuscularization in pulmonary hypertension PDF
Rosemary C. Jones 47-59
The submandibular glands: a role in homeostasis and allostasis PDF
Ronald Mathison 61-69
Opioid peptides in the female reproductive system: physiological implications PDF
Antonis Makrigiannakis, Andrew N. Margioris, Christos Stournaras, Achille Gravanis 71-83
Prognostic value of biological markers in superficial bladder tumors PDF
Alexandar I. Hinev 85-94

Dance Round

Neurotropic attraction: facts and fiction PDF
Egbert A. J. F. Lakke 95-102
Apoptosis in neurodegenerative diseases: to be or not to be? Absence of proof is not proof of absence PDF
Henry Timmers, Berry H. P. H. Kremer 103-108


Nerve-mast cell-nerve growth factor link: the mast cell as yin-yang modulator in inflammation and fibrosis PDF
George N. Chaldakov, Peter I. Ghenev, Kamen P. Valchanov, Anton B. Tonchev, Rouzha Pancheva 1-6

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