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Biomedical Reviews

Vol 5 (1996)


Signaling by insulin receptors and related protein tyrosine kinases PDF
D. Margriet Ouwens, J. Antonie Maassen 5-30
In vivo insulin action and resistance. The hyperinsulinaemic, euglycaemic clamp technique in conscious rats PDF
Sietse-Jan Koopmans, Jasper Katrinus Radder 31-45
Recent data about insulin signaling system and insulin resistance states PDF
Vanio Mitev, Lyuben Sirakov 47-55
Epidemiology of diabetes mellitus in Bulgaria PDF
Lidia Koeva, Dragomir Koev 57-63

Dance Round

Insulin-like growth factor-II in the cycle of life PDF
Sylvia C. van Buul-Offers 65-71
Detection of phosphotyrosine, insulin receptor substrate-1 and growth factor receptor-bound protein-2 in the magnocellular forebrain system and hypothalamus of cat and man PDF
Enrico Marani, J. Antonie Maassen, Kamen G. Usunoff 73-82


Diabetes mellitus: new developments and their implication for a prevention strategy PDF
Enrico Marani, Lidia Koeva, Dragomir Koev 1-4

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