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Vol 16 (2005) The nutraceutical Pycnogenol: its role in cardiovascular health and blood glucose control Abstract   PDF
Om P. Gulati
Vol 8 (1997) The pancreatic-polypeptide family of peptides: their role in the brain-gut axis Abstract   PDF
Joseph S. Davison
Vol 12 (2001) The pros and cons of prostate-specific antigen testing Abstract   PDF
Alexandar I. Hinev
Vol 1 (1992) The protein kinase C family for the regulation of cellular functions Abstract   PDF
Yoshiki Iwamoto, Hiroshi Koide, Kouji Ogita, Yasutomi Nishizuka
Vol 1 (1992) The role of cell-matrix interactions in atherosclerosis Abstract   PDF
Michael Thie, Horst Robenek
Vol 30 (2019) The role of selenium and zinc in allergic hypersensitization in children Abstract   PDF
Halyna Pavlyshyn, Viktoriia Sliiva
Vol 24 (2013) The roles of micro RNA in pancreas development and regeneration Abstract   PDF
Tamara Rabe, Farnaz Shamsi, Ahmed Mansouri
Vol 20 (2009) The stem cell connection of primary brain tumors Abstract   PDF
Marin Guentchev
Vol 4 (1995) The submandibular glands: a role in homeostasis and allostasis Abstract   PDF
Ronald Mathison
Vol 9 (1998) The thermolytic salivation of the rat and the kallikrein-kinin system Abstract   PDF
Jacques Damas
Vol 29 (2018) The ubiquitous biochemical logic of murburn concept Abstract   PDF
Kelath Murali Manoj
Vol 10 (1999) The underlying roles of macrophage populations in myocardial fibrosis Abstract   PDF
Jyoji Yamate, Shunji Nakatsuji, Sadashige Sakuma
Vol 14 (2003) Thrombin and protease-activated receptors in cancer Abstract   PDF
Jian Liu, Peter Schuf-Werner, Michael Steiner
Vol 20 (2009) Thyroid hormones paradox, oxidative stress, and selenium Abstract   PDF
Adela Elena Joanta, Sanda Andrei, Nicoleta Decea, Remus Moldovan, Adriana Muresan
Vol 23 (2012) Tissue engineering and growth factors: updated evidence Abstract   PDF
Parichehr Hassanzadeh
Vol 30 (2019) Torday’s prognosis for aging and mortality: more evolution and better life! Abstract   PDF
Kelath Murali Manoj
Vol 28 (2017) Towards Open Access Scientific Publishing Abstract   PDF
Stepan G. Akterian
Vol 22 (2011) Towards pragmatic and functional unit of mind-and-brain. In response to Danko Georgiev's "A linkage of mind and brain: Sir John Eccles and modern dualistic interactionism" Abstract   PDF
Rayito Rivera-Hernández, Drozdstoj Stoyanov
Vol 31 (2020) Transcription factor ZBTB20: What expression is telling us of its cellular function? Abstract   PDF
Dimo S. Stoyanov, Anton B. Tonchev
Vol 30 (2019) Ultrastructure study of the transgenic REN2 rat aorta – part 2: media, external elastic lamina, and adventitia Abstract   PDF
Melvin R Hayden, James R Sowers, Vincent G DeMarco
Vol 27 (2016) Uric Acid and Cognition: What Is the Connection? Abstract   PDF
Maura Palmery, Raffaella Reggi, Ilaria Peluso
Vol 12 (2001) Vasoactive intestinal peptide, pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide and immune system: from basic research to potential clinical application Abstract   PDF
Rosa P. Gomariz, Catalina Abad, Carmen Martinez, Maria G. Juarranz, Silvia R. da Costa, Alicia Arranz, Mario Delgado, Javier Leceta
Vol 11 (2000) Viktor Hamburger: the discoverer of chick embryo's neural secrets Abstract   PDF
George N. Chaldakov
Vol 28 (2017) Vitamin K: The New Faces of an Old Friend - a Role in Bone and Vascular Health Abstract   PDF
Maria Zhelyazkova-Savova, Silvia Gancheva, Bistra Galunska, Daniela Gerova
Vol 31 (2020) Wale A.R. Sulaiman: The master of knowledge, neurosurgery and humanity Details   PDF
George N. Chaldakov
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