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Vol 6 (1996) Mast cells beyond allergy: their role in fibrotic conditions Abstract   PDF
Abraham Solomon, Francesca Levi-Schaffer
Vol 2 (1993) Mast cells, vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP), and the hemorrhagic shock: a possible relationship? Abstract   PDF
Neşe Tunçel
Vol 8 (1997) Mastication and sensibility, or the five new findings in the cat mesencephalic trigeminal nucleus Abstract   PDF
Kamen G. Usunoff, Enrico Marani
Vol 11 (2000) Mechanisms of vascular injury in diabetes: lessons from vascular cells in culture and transgenic animals Abstract   PDF
Hiroshi Yamamoto
Vol 8 (1997) Mechanisms underlying the development of gastroesophageal reflux disease Abstract   PDF
Dobromir Dobrev, Boris Kornovski, Bogomila Manevska
Vol 17 (2006) Metabolic syndrome, adiponectin and fat ROS Abstract   PDF
Iichiro Shimomura, Tohru Funahashi, Yuji Matsuzawa
Vol 21 (2010) Metabolic therapy: cardioprotective effects of orotic acid and its derivatives Abstract   PDF
Danina M. Muntean, Ovidiu Firă-Mladinescu, Nicoleta S. Mirica, Oana M. Duicu, Simona L. Trancotă, Adrian Sturza
Vol 17 (2006) Metabology of Helicobacter pylori infection: role of gastrokines Abstract   PDF
Wenxiang Wei, Yanyan Bai, Anton B. Tonchev, Ivan S. Stankulov, George N. Chaldakov
Vol 22 (2011) Metallosis: metal ion release from metal-on-metal joint surface replacement - current concerns and future problems Abstract   PDF
Stephen R. Manning
Vol 13 (2002) Metallothionein expression and roles in the central nervous system Abstract   PDF
Milena Penkowa
Vol 3 (1994) Methicillin resistant staphylococci: mechanisms of resistance Abstract   PDF
Katia K. Toshkova
Vol 19 (2008) Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase gene polymorphisms in cardiometabolic diseases Abstract   PDF
Cristina Hotoleanu, Mihai Porojan, Mihai Lucian Rusu
Vol 29 (2018) Microglia are not brain macrophages? Abstract   PDF
Marin Zhelezov, Anton B. Tonchev
Vol 27 (2016) Microglia as Potential Regulators of Empathy and Prosocial Behavior - A Hypothesis Abstract   PDF
Marin Zhelezov
Vol 8 (1997) Mild brain hypothermia: potential for neuronal protection and resuscitation against ischemic damage Abstract   PDF
Kiyoshi Kataoka, Hisato Yanase
Vol 30 (2019) Modeling traumatic brain injury: mechanisms of early neuronal and axon degeneration in the infant rodent brain Abstract   PDF
Krikor Dikranian
Vol 15 (2004) Modulation by static magnetism of neuronal activity Abstract   PDF
Takao Hirai, Yasuaki Goto, Takeshi Takarada, Hideo Taniura, Yukio Yoneda
Vol 30 (2019) Morphological and neurochemical plasticity of rat mesencephalic trigeminal neurons Abstract   PDF
Angel Dandov, Dimitrinka Atanasova, Nikolai Lazarov
Vol 11 (2000) Morphological transformation of sensory ganglion neurons and satellite cells Abstract   PDF
Seiji Matsuda, Naoto Kobayashi, Hiroyuki Wakisaka, Shouichiro Saito, Kyouko Saito, Kyojy Miyawaki, Katsumi Mominoki, Kazuhiro Shigemoto, Shingo Murakami, Takashi Fujiwara
Vol 22 (2011) Morphology of the rat carotid body Abstract   PDF
Dimitrinka Y. Atanasova, Michail E. Iliev, Nikolai E. Lazarov
Vol 30 (2019) Motivational enhancement therapy versus cognitive behavioral therapy in a cohort of men and women with alcohol use disorder Abstract   PDF
Giovanna Coriale, Francesca De Rosa, Gemma Battagliese, Simona Gencarelli, Marco Fiore, Giampiero Ferraguti, Mario Vitali, Claudia Rotondo, Marisa Patrizia Messina, Maria Luisa Attilia
Vol 33 (2022) Murburn concept and murzymes in 2023: celebrating 25th year of pursuit Abstract   PDF
Kelath Murali Manoj
Vol 29 (2018) Murburn scheme for mitochondrial thermogenesis Abstract   PDF
Kelath Murali Manoj, Daniel Andrew Gideon, Vivian David Jacob
Vol 28 (2017) Nanoencapsulation: A Promising Strategy for Biomedical Applications of Ferulic Acid Abstract   PDF
Parichehr Hassanzadeh, Fatemeh Atyabi, Rassoul Dinarvand
Vol 26 (2015) Nanofiber devices for the targeted-delivery of therapeutically active plant and herbal ingredients Abstract   PDF
Sukhwinder K. Bhullar, Harpal S. Buttar
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