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Comparison between traditional bilateral and large unilateral medial rectus muscle recession for moderate esotropia

G. Dimitrova, B. Mihaylova


Introduction: In moderate esotropia there is a di1emma whether to operate on one muscle, performing a large unilateral recession (МRR) or on two muscles, performing traditional bilateral (ВМRR) recessions of medial rectus muscles.

Aim: То compare the effect Δ/mm recession of a large МRR and traditional BМRR in moderate esotropia as well as the motor outcome 6 months after surgery.

Material and methods: 200 patients with alternating/alternated esotropia were operated on for the period of 2000-2014. BМRR were performed in 170 patients (З40 eyes), the traditional (up to 5 mm) being in 16 (8%). Their effect Δ/mm recession was compared to the effect of large МRR which was performed in ЗО cases.
Diagnostic, surgical and statistical methods were used.

Results: No statistical difference was recorded between the two groups neither in the effect ?/mm recession, nor in the motor outcome 6 months after surgery.

Conclusion: Large MRR is a good alternative of traditional BMRR for achieving an optimal effect with a minimal surgical risk, especially in cases with preexisting anisometropia and amblyopia.


recession of medial rectus muscles; large recessions; surgical treatment of esotropia

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About The Authors

G. Dimitrova
Department of Ophthalmology, Medical University - Sofia, Alexandrovska University Hospital, Sofia

B. Mihaylova
Department of Ophthalmology, Medical University - Sofia, Alexandrovska University Hospital, Sofia