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Urrets-Zavalia синдром, след катарактна екстракция. Терапевтични възможности

D. Dabov, I. Tanev, G. Ivanova


Urrets-Zavalia syndrome (UZS), initially described as a postoperative condition - complication of penetrating keratoplasty, today is associated with a number of ophthalmic interventions. The presence of an atrophic mydriatic pupil and increased intraocular pressure (IOP) in the immediate postoperative period are the most common symptoms. We present a clinical case of a patient after Phaco et impl. IOL and presence of sluggish pupil as a condition - variation of UZS, The conservative treatment of this condition after cataract extraction, although difficult is not impossible and has an advantage over the operative treatment, which has more risks for the patient.


Urrets Zavalia; Syndrome; α-antagonists; TACC syndrome; TAO

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D. Dabov
Медицински Университет- София, Александровска болница

I. Tanev
Медицински Университет- София, Александровска болница

G. Ivanova
Медицински Университет- София, Александровска болница