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Bulgarian Review of Ophthalmology

Vol 65, No 3 (2021)

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Hot Topic

Standartization of OCT Angiography Nomenclature in Retinal Vascular Diseases: First Survey Results PDF
M. Munk, A. Kashani 3-14
OCT Angiography Flow Index and Projection Artifacts in Outer Retina PDF
B. Mihaylova, S. Cherninkova 15-23
Complications After Anti-VEGF Therapy in Patients with Wet Form of AMD PDF
D. Antonova, H. Vidinova, L. Voynov 24-30

Clinical Ophthalmology - Diagnostics

Risk Factors for the Development of Uveitis PDF
S. Nikolaeva, B. Nencheva 31-38

Clinical Ophthalmology - Scientific Research

Mean Age of Patients with and without Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus during Surgical Treatment of Age-Related Cataract PDF
V. Haykin, Y. Zdravkov, S. Kostova, V. Dimitrova, A. Isaeva, A. Oscar 39-42

Case Reports

Bilateral Simultaneous Retrobulbar Neuritis After Swine Flu: A Clinical Case Report PDF
G. Markov, A. Georgieva, Ya. Zdravkov, I. Petkova, A. Oscar 43-46
Clinical Case of Huge Congenital Hypertrophy of the Retinal Pigment Epithelium Labeled as Choroidal Melanoma PDF
M. K. Maksimova, L. Y. Rodriguez, D. L. Parra 47-49
Monocular Neuroretinitis Secondary to Bartonella Henselae Infection PDF
P. Todorovа, S. Cherninkova 50-55
Clinical Case of a Child with Optic Neuritis, Associated with Epstein-Barr Virus PDF
A. Oscar, N. Andonova, G. Dimitrova 56-60

Helping Specializing Ophthalmologist

Neglected Tropical Diseases. The Place of Ivermectin in the Elimination Programs PDF
N. Kalfova, Hr. Neshev, D. Kazakova 61-69


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В памет на доц. д-р Евдокия Димитрова Илиева PDF

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