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Отношенията на противоположност в преподаването на български език като чужд

Даниела Tанчева


The subject of the present report is to explore how antonymy can help international medical students, who study Bulgarian language enrich their core vocabulary. The lexical-semantic category of contrast is in the focus of our attention as a projection of the human capacity to reflect the reality by comparing obects and notions. Establishing associations and grouping of words in opposing pairs according to their meaning allow for a dynamic learning process. Communicative word pairs as part of the obligatory vocabulary, included in the students` programm as a minimum are collected in lists of antonyms, which despite being form various gramatical categories, have the same thematic characteristics. Thus, the learning process becomes more efficient and straightforward. The audio back-up files accompany each thematic group and facilitate the development of the listening skills of the students at B1 level. These files are suitable both for classroom use and independent work.


antonyms, study materials, Bulgarian language vocabulary

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