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Реализиране на проект за специализирано помагало по български език на чуждестранни студенти стоматолози - английско обучение

Димитрия Желязкова, Наталия Янкова


During the last 3 -4 years the interest of foreign students to study medicine with English as the language of instruction increased. Consequently, we are facing the necessity of a new handbook, more adequate to demands in the new conditions. While exiting textbook provided terminology of the studied sphere to students, thus helping them in the process of study of the respective subject; our project is based on a different principle - accent is on semantics, but not so much as name of the terminological concept, rather than representation of the respective meaning thus contributing to the creation of certain communicative situation for the doctor-patient communication. Communication is not the purpose, it serves for the execution of certain activities. From methodological point of view activity-communication approach is appropriate for the execution of certain language activities in a wider social context. From communication we pass over to action -students make selection of just that part of information which they find appropriate for the realization of their tasks. Selection of themes is in line with the overall curriculum for the specialty. A total of ten short texts are foreseen, two of them are reproductive, and two others are designed for additional work with excellent students. Unified format of each lesson article is adopted: grammar and practice. Exercises are receptive, productive and mixed.


handbook for dentists; activity-communication approach; recep-tive and productive exercises; doctor −patient; increased activity

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