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Електронното оценяване на рецептивните умения по български език като чужд

Kатерина Пенева


Testing of the communication skills reading and listening comprehension is an element of the verification of the achieved competencies in Bulgarian language of international students at MU-Varna. Within the last two years this process has been realized by means of the Blackboard electronic platform. The article reviews and analyzes tests for current control realized by second-year students during the academic year 2016/2017. Our goal is to detect and identify difficulties encountered by trainees. The results of the analysis can be used as a starting point for correcting and improving the text material. Thus, teacher will be able to identify the frequent lapses and will focus on achieving maximum results.


E-tests, assessment, results, listening and reading

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Електронни тестове за семестриален контрол по български език като чужд, ниво В1/В2,

Нури 2016: Нури, Хабибе. Автореферат на дисертационен труд на тема „Система за управление на обучението с електронни тестове за контрол и оценка, София, 2016, стр.2

Стефанова 2015: Стефанова, Павлина. Методика на обучението по съвременни езици, София, изд. НБУ, 2015, стр.111


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