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Стратегия за развиване на умението „говорене` в болнична среда като елемент от смесено обучение по специализиарн български език

Eвдокия Скочева


The aim of this paper is to present key moments in the process of planning and realization of a strategy for development and improvement of the speaking skills in professional settings. For medical students communication with patients is an obligatory part of their academic instruction which inquires maximum activation of their general language repertoire acquired up to the third academic year as well as its extension in the domain of the professional medical language. To facilitate students` successful professional communication, we propose the use of communicative pedagogical tasks which theoretical base is the constructivist idea about the acquisition of knowledge and skills through meaningful interaction between members of the group, and particularly - in the`task-based learning` as a realization of the communicative approach.The result we want to achieve is to create for students authentic context for interaction with enough exposure to language and opportunities for its use in order to achieve an outcome that is close as possible to the natural professional communication in the medical practice.

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